eCommerce design & development

The Background

Working with ommate‘ was a phenomenal experience. In early 2017, they came to us in need of eCommerce design & development, as well as product photography.
We delivered much more than that and had a great time working with them right out of Boulder, CO for over 2 years.

[You Are All Set] has been creative, forward thinking and conscientious in all our interactions. They are generous with their many talents and are a true asset to any team lucky enough to them as a [business] partner. Their insights as to the use of the tools and assets available to my company have been invaluable.

Sukey Holzman

Founder, ommate'

Services Delivered

  • Web-design & development tailored towards mobile & desktop
  • An eCommerce solution which integrated into a shipping system
  • A coupon mechanism that made influencer marketing possible
  • Brand statement creation that kick-started marketing engagements
  • Pricing updates & inventory that gave full visibility into all aspects of the business
  • Package design which brought the costs down from $5 to less than $1.50.
  • The package design updates also made it possible to bring the shipping costs down from $6.95 to around $2.50 per order
  • Influencer outreach and sending samples strategy
  • Brand design (including thank you note/letter design)

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