Our Mission

We support ethical companies in growing and sharing their ethos with a larger audience.

We also empower individuals in joining this mission so that they themselves, and their communities, may benefit.

Our beliefs

Through design thinking and collaboration, our ability to help one another is increased exponentially.

We believe that all great works are interwoven techniques, ideas, and resources co-operatively created between great artists.

By aligning on positive creation and doing well together, we can set the stage for the future of ethical businesses within and beyond our own community.

Our Ethics

We listen, foster collaboration, and would rather do business ethically and serve people rightly than do business at all.

We are driven TO INNOVATE a collective advantage for those that ARE ON a like-minded path OF:

  • Ahisma principles
  • Planting
  • Conscious evolution
  • Earth Dharma
  • Self-sustaining principles
  • Only investing into meaning
  • Chanting
  • Giving to ancestors
  • Transparency
    • Being optimistic and positive
    • Empowering beings
    • Non-attachment
    • Following The Way of the Dao
    • Co-operation, never competition
    • Being Minimalistic
    • Being Aware
    • Designing good things
    • Being grateful

    This is not a comprehensive list of the interests of folks that we work with best. Our interests grow with our team and continuous knowledge.

    By coming together to manifest a collective of positive transformation for ourselves and our communities, we are expressing gratitude for the opportunity to add to the stream of consciousness.

    We are here to continue on this journey until we grow old and weary, ready to return to the primordial force of love, knowledge, and consciousness.

    The road ahead may be challenging, but we’re right at your side.

      Our Approach

      We value human connection and relationships. If you’re looking for a quick and offbeat experience, you won’t find one here.

      We’d rather take the time to foster long-term partnerships with businesses and individuals, than experience a one-off engagement. Don’t get us wrong, the ties we create won’t stand the sands of time. Nothing is permanent.

      It’s just that we’d rather abide by a model of continued value; like the value that comes from a fair-trade porcelain plate or mug, as opposed to the de-valuing of the planet that may come from one-time use plates, utensils, and cups. 

      Knowing our approach, it’s important to understand that we work with clients and individuals who want to build together. We want to get to know each other, align on our experiences and creative dreams that aim much higher than the status quo.